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Teaching makes Mrs. Merritt happy! This is Mrs. Merritt's 23rd year of teaching and 18th in Ocean City. She has taught Kindergarten, 1st Grade and PreK. Mrs. Merritt LOVES her current assignment as Health and Wellness Teacher!


Movement makes Mrs. Merritt happy! Mrs. Merritt is a competitive triathlete. You will often find her running, biking and swimming all around Ocean City. One of Mrs. Merritt's absolute favorite things to do is run with her dog!

Mrs. Merritt loves sharing her love of health, wellness, and fitness with students of all ages. Integrating these topics has always been an important part of the daily curriculum in Mrs. Merritt's classes.

Through the Ocean City School District's Health and Wellness Initiative, Mrs. Merritt is eager to help students grow and develop both physical and mental tools and resources that will assist in making healthy behavioral choices and routines, learn coping skills, and build confidence physically, emotionally, and socially.

Helping Hands
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